Metalcore reviews are easier done through Google Chat

Me Man Want Meat

The following is a transcript of a chat session that happened sometime before Bangalore Open Air. The topic of discussion is metalcore band Undying Inc. It is also proof, if you can ignore the girly giggling, that Google Chat offers a fair and unbiased medium for discussing soulless music that doesn’t warrant more in-depth analysis.

should go with ready jackets and umbrellas haha
and liquor inside will be expensive as hell
maybe we’ll get to see undying inc electrocuted
that bodybuilder frontman
haha yeah, they all look somehow off
i mean definitely not metal, but something strange about them
maybe you’ll like them, give them a chance
lol yeah. watched them once dude during the amon amarth gig
was more than enough haha
i’ve stayed really far away from anywhere else they played after that
they are very….noisy
bodybuilder guy doesnt seem to want to shut up
music is just…
oh yeah, i remember that
vocalist everywhere
music some form of “technical” core
they liked djentcrap a lot i remember. they brought down that textures band for the amon gig
i suppose they dont seem like they lack conviction in whatever it is that they do
but man
its so not our scene
you can say that again. i hate that stuff much more than i’d hate dance or rap or something
and i don’t even really hate rap. just the modern million selling stuff i guess
there’s a lot of cool underground hip hop from what people keep showing me
what would you call it
some strange hybrid
yeah, there’s definite thrash bits but it’s been so subsumed with the pantera and machine head knock off riffs that it’s hopelessly bad
and its abrasive to hear, in a not so good way
its very amelodic
yeah, just grating haha
again in a bad way
we’re discussing Undying Inc
so funny
well, strictly in the spirit of the music 😛
bad, unmusical, grating, amelodic,
vocalist everywhere
theres your review in less than ten words
4 more words… pantera machine head knock-off
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1 Response to Metalcore reviews are easier done through Google Chat

  1. Kvrdz says:

    Grating, but in a bad way. This is exactly what i told myself when i first gave them a listen. There is something about the Djenterahead that makes it singularly unlistenable. Not kidding in the slightest, but i can’t listen to them without risking triggering a Migraine. It ranks right up there with Power electronics,when it comes to music that i can’t quite stomach.

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