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Metalcore reviews are easier done through Google Chat

The following is a transcript of a chat session that happened sometime before Bangalore Open Air. The topic of discussion is metalcore band Undying Inc. It is also proof, if you can ignore the girly giggling, that Google Chat offers a fair and … Continue reading

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Raising Valhalla: A short story about metal

The link attached here is of a short story describing a day in the life of some Indian metalheads. Part anecdotal, part conjectural, and thin on plot, it may still be that some of the points it touches on are common to metalheads across … Continue reading

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Ye Goat-Herd Gods – Becoming Flesh (2012)

Approach and leave Becoming Flesh behind as you would a heavy metal album, and an elegant, if not exactly visceral, impression is bound to linger. Techniques embedded at the crossroads between standard 80s speed riffing and the more fluid tremolo-based … Continue reading

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Fates Warning’s Guardian aka Making Grown Men Cry

I will wish upon a star, I believe in you And if my will has strayed afar I remembered you, will you remember me? I’m the one you sentenced Penance unabsolved Answer me, save my will For music to bring … Continue reading

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Appreciating Hliðskjálf with borrowed cultural memory

Hliðskjálf, the second of Burzum‘s prison albums, was recorded with the intention of promoting old Nordic mythology and, in association with much second wave black metal, revivifying the flagging cultural memory of the Scandinavian region. While it is beyond this … Continue reading

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