Rituals Of A Blasphemer – Mors Inumbratus Supra Spiritus (2014)


Rituals Of A Blasphemer‘s main achievement on their debut is introducing significant tonal variation that travels the gamut, from pastoral, forest-at-night themed melodies to the sinister, low-frequency hugging characterized by the more primitive segment within black metal. What’s even more impressive is the maturity with which this balancing act is achieved; the two aspects never create discord, even when placed within the context of the same song, and in fact supplement each other in making for a greater experience.

Immediately arresting melodies are few and far between, so the chief pleasure to be derived from this album is the attention to detail with which it is stitched together. There is a painstaking, almost obsessive economy of movement practiced by these songwriters, and while that points to the existence of a healthy attitude of introspection and course-correction, there is a case to be made that certain sections found here could have possibly benefited from a more free-hearted approach.

But that is more an observation on an overarching, structural level. Individual riffs, otherwise, are plentiful and variegated, and created with near-perfect launch-and-pause on component notes. Rituals Of A Blasphemer understand the importance of the segue while moving between otherwise disparate sections, and this knowledge lends a thematic unity to this music. One would be hard-pressed to claim that Mors Inumbratus Supra Spiritus contains the spark of inspiration that touches classics; this is wholly derivative, after all, but that doesn’t detract from an album made with honest fervour and spirit.

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