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Heathen Beast – The Carnage Of Godhra (2015)

Purveyors of secular outrage, Heathen Beast from Mumbai, India focus their ire on the 2002 Godhra riots when alleged state-sponsored mobs in Gujarat orchestrated a mass killing of Muslims as revenge for the alleged torching by Muslims of a train carrying Hindu … Continue reading

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Sorcier des Glaces – Ritual Of The End (2014)

[There were no keyboards used on this recording according to the liner notes] Sorcier des Glaces‘ sense of grandeur comes from open-ended, minor key progressions where notes climb up the reaches of the natural scale, but rarely return back to … Continue reading

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Destroyer 666 and defiance in the glare of emasculation

I bring you abject decadence, I glorify the violence of cowards and fools, I sell your lives like cattle, And whore your daughters to the world: I am alpha and omega. – Destroyer 666, Blood For Blood Of all metal … Continue reading

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The will to motion in death metal

Is death metal a mere patchwork of morbid-sounding riffs or is it something more? What do we mean when we say that a piece of music fails to communicate anything beyond the frivolous? For death metal to rise above simple cosmetics, … Continue reading

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Fagcore band Demonic Re$urrection’s fans should be less precious

Hard work deserves appreciation but the fruits of that hard work only deserve the coldest of scrutiny. The former is an attribute of human perseverance, sometimes in the face of indomitable odds and as such is a process worthy of … Continue reading

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Burzum’s Han Som Reiste and the triumph of imagination

Det Som Engang Var translates to ‘What Once Was’ in Norwegian. It took Varg Vikernes all of five notes from the natural minor scale to realise this idea in sound. Romanticization of the past is but human; our notions of innocence … Continue reading

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Alf Svensson, At The Gates and Oxiplegatz

Alf Svensson left At The Gates after the second full-length With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness. Under his stewardship – some might say leadership – At The Gates developed a nuanced, melodic complexity that hasn’t been rivaled since in … Continue reading

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Do we listen to too much metal?

After growing out of the obsessive compulsive need to explore new bands, something we all go through in our formative metal-listening years, do we really need to keep hearing newer metal? Who among us that has spent at least ten … Continue reading

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Making words and subjects taboo is a recourse of cowards and fools

Words have great power. By way of how they sound, by way of the historical associations through which they evolve, and by the peculiarly individualistic reactions that they evince in us. When the overseers of all things PC campaign in … Continue reading

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