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Lack of introspection leads to mediocre metal

Is it possible for a musician to utterly lack all sense of quality control about his music? Swamped as metal is today with mediocre bands, it makes one wonder whether the people behind the music are honest enough with themselves … Continue reading

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Demilich – 20th Adversary Of Emptiness

The reason Demilich continue to stay relevant some twenty years after they were interred as an active musical entity is because they present an eerie approximation of that hazy backwater of the mind where thoughts are as yet incompletely formed … Continue reading

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Dio’s One Night In The City and Wuthering Heights

Perhaps signifying no direct connection to the Emily Brontë novel, a comment on the Youtube video for Dio‘s One Night In The City off The Last In Line album still prompted a reread of this classic from younger years. Dio‘s cryptic … Continue reading

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Ara – Devourer Of Worlds (2014)

On first acquaintance, Ara‘s debut full length is an overly-loaded and somewhat chaotic maze of constructs seemingly intended for chronic riddle-solvers. Increased familiarity, however, reveals Devourer Of Worlds to be an album of multiple layers but one that has been … Continue reading

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Obscure Infinity – Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness (2015)

The Hellion-style intro to Perpetual Descending Into Nothingness may be misleading but Obscure Infinity are a death metal band that one can honestly get behind without compunction. This is a style of death metal that is familiar without being a … Continue reading

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Djent, slam, groove and breakdowns are anathema to metal

What goes on inside the mind of the metal musician when he happens upon a fat groove? What prompts him to sit on it and milk its udder dry for all its worth? Chances are that somewhere, deep in the … Continue reading

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Epistles from strange imaginations: Lord Worm and Lori Bravo

Is it my mind within your life? as I tear open your throat Or is it my life within your mind? as I suck on your open wound… – Lori Bravo, Feral Viscera (Nuclear Death – Bride Of Insect) Lyrics … Continue reading

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