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Manilla Road – The Blessed Curse/After The Muse (2015)

[The dismissive review in italics immediately below the revised version was written in haste and without any research. The latest Manilla Road is a two-disc compilation, the first part entitled The Blessed Curse consisting of heavy metal in the band’s patented style. … Continue reading

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Goatcraft – Yersinia Pestis (2015)

[Author David Rosales has an active interest in Western classical music and hypothesizes how heavy metal can draw inspiration from that timeless source to re-realise its lost potential] Yersinia Pestis, the third album by Goatcraft, due to be released in … Continue reading

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Enter The Eternal Fire: Bathory’s finest salvo still resonates

The achingly simple Enter The Eternal Fire is Bathory‘s greatest moment in a career replete with seminal offerings. On their first two albums, Bathory had already released music that would be regarded as the go-to blueprint for the uglier, lo-fi tendencies … Continue reading

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Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator (2015)

Apocalyptic Triumphator is a very good album, a no-frills assault on the senses, but it is not a black metal album. There is no shame in conceding that the sound created by the old Norwegian bands, following on from Bathory‘s … Continue reading

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Crowd-funding music reveals lack of self-respect

Crowd-funding is a relatively recent form of generating revenue, employed by various actors to raise money for whatever it is that they are doing. A third party acts as liaison for the transfer of funds between producer and consumer, over a … Continue reading

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War metal is musically closer to grindcore than it is to metal

The defining characteristics of grindcore are: Emancipation from the structural rigidity of traditional metal. Where metal retains its compositional character, grindcore cares little for such considerations, and in fact pursues a ‘destructional’ agenda that seeks to boil music down to … Continue reading

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