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Suffocation: Dystopian Death Metal

The death metal of Suffocation allows no human emotion. As often suggested by Dan Seagrave’s mechanistic cover paintings, this is the music of an age where humans have ceased to exist or, at the very least, have been reduced to a … Continue reading

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A Confederacy Of Dunces: The modern Indian metal fan

To reaffirm your faith in the modern metal listener, and for some classic comedy to while away the next ten minutes massaging your forehead, I present this series of screen captures that wound their way into my inbox some time … Continue reading

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Arghoslent, Incorrigible Bigotry, and racism in music

Arghoslent are an American band that gained a lot of notoriety for their lyrics describing vividly the trans-Atlantic slave trade, not from any neutral, strictly historical perspective but with a vested bias in white cultural supremacy and by conjunction the degenerative genetic … Continue reading

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How metalheads perceive Pink Floyd

David Gilmour and Nick Mason, surviving members of Pink Floyd, have assembled a compilation of studio outtakes from the Division Bell sessions from twenty years ago, and are releasing it as a new album called The Endless River. Roger Waters, … Continue reading

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In defense of elitists

  Some call them noble but I say they’re scum Put them in control you’ll see what you become No excuses for lack of brains You had your chance now you can’t complain – Armored Saint ‘Dropping Like flies’ The … Continue reading

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Dead Congregation – Promulgation Of The Fall (2014)

For Dead Congregation to deny that they are influenced by Incantation in the way they punctuate phrases with harmonics would be disingenuous. For them to deny that Immolation play a role in the occasional groove that penetrates their music would be … Continue reading

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