Fan fiction based on Iron Maiden’s Still Life

One of the more atmospheric songs in Iron Maiden‘s vast catalog, ‘Still Life’ tells the tale of a man consumed by the faces he sees inside a magical pool and the spiral of self-destruction that commences thereafter. Attached in docx format (link: Still Life) is a piece of fan fiction based on this tragic song by the great British band.

Link: Still Life


Take a look in the pool and what do you see
In the dark depths, their faces beckoning me
Can’t you see them it’s plain for all to see
They were there, oh I know you don’t believe me.

Oh…I’ve never felt so strange
But…I’m not going insane.

I’ve no doubt that you think I’m off of my head
You don’t say, but it’s in your eyes instead
Hours I spend out just gazing into that pool
Something draws me there, I don’t know what to do.

Oh…they drain my strength away
Oh…they’re asking me to stay.

Nightmares…spirits calling me
Nightmares…they won’t leave me be.

All my life’s blood is slowly draining away
And I feel that I’m weaker every day
Somehow I know I haven’t long to go
Joining them at the bottom of the pool.

Now I feel they are so near
I begin to see them clear.

Nightmares…coming all the time
Nightmares…Will give me peace of mind.

Now it’s clear and I know what I have to do
I must take you down there to look at them too
Hand in hand then we’ll jump right into the pool
Can’t you see not just me they want you too.

Oh…we’ll drown together
It…will be forever


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