Raped By The Light Of Christ

When the yellow dies under the velvet thoughts
Blood-bubbles nestled in thorns

I have traveled through suns,
And the darkness of the end
Now I surrender to the void
And join with the pulse of the universe

The world burns with worms of fire
The world burns

The beauty in twisted darkness
Raped by the light of Christ
We were not born to follow
We don’t need your guiding light

I tear the skies with my bare hands
There is no death for me
The world burns with worms of fire

Sun or animal, star or beast
Alone all the way to the heart of Christ

I’m free to die when I wish
I’m born from scarlet songs
And when the time is right
I shall forever walk alone

The beauty in twisted darkness
Raped by the light of Christ
Worlds end, through a thousand suns

Raped By The Light Of Christ is a less than three minute song on Swedish death metal band At The Gate‘s second album With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness. The ideas contained within this brief song however can make up a far longer piece in another band’s hands. At The Gates‘ real triumph is to condense several evocative notions into a song that doesn’t compromise on the internal structure and emotional outreach that they achieved on The Red In The Sky Is Ours, streamlined on this album and completely lost thereafter. The song starts with a gently plucked sorrowful acoustic guitar that is joined by a third, distorted voice in the same minor key but lying between the two cleaner registers. At The Gates‘ early work stands out for its inventive use of twin guitars where one guitar establishes the angular impetus to the music while the other acts as an embellishing tool in the background, painting broad, atmospheric swathes that lend the music its true poignancy. Individual phrases are long and detailed, giving the impression of a journey filled with peaks and troughs, a quality they sold down the river on the commercially successful Slaughter Of The Soul for basic verse-chorus crunch-and-punch.

Espousing the rejection of earthly religious doctrines in favour of a communion with the greater cosmos, Raped By The Light Of Christ ends on a sudden, shuddering note that confuses at first but then makes sense in the context of the chaotic, immutable ideal that the band’s greatest work embraces.

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1 Response to Raped By The Light Of Christ

  1. gk says:

    very well written. perfectly captured the essence of what makes this album so good.

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