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Why Iron Maiden are the greatest heavy metal band: Part 2

But Iron Maiden were not a dark band in the traditional sense of the word. Their classic albums boast of extremely memorable arena anthems and moody epics, and the sheer number of these would be enough to consider them among … Continue reading

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5 Indian bands that blow ass

Some might ask, why bother? To them say, why not? You try not to litter as a participating member of society. On the off chance that you do, you hopefully make a point of picking up your scrap of litter … Continue reading

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5 Indian bands that don’t completely blow ass

It is no easy task to discuss Indian heavy metal. There aren’t enough good bands, and the decent ones don’t stick to an “Indian” niche (except perhaps in the state of West Bengal where copying old death metal and thrash is … Continue reading

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Heavy metal and alcohol

I went to the country And while I was gone I lost control of my body functions On a roller-headed lady’s front lawn I’m so ashamed but I’m a wino man I can’t help myself Frank Zappa – Wonderful Wino … Continue reading

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The lure of goregrind

Goregrind disturbs most people. The lurid and distasteful themes, nearly non-existent musicianship, and over-the-top extremity of the style all have a way of turning off even the most devoted metal fans. Most encounter goregrind in their formative years, and are … Continue reading

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Dhwesha – Sthoopa (2014)

Dhwesha are a young Indian death metal band that sing in Kannada, a language from Southern India that has origins in the pre-modern era. While it is always heartening to see bands employ mother tongues, no puns intended, the unfortunate reality … Continue reading

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Zealotry – The Charnel Expanse (2013)

Somewhere along the road, death metal bands adopted tremolo-picked guitar lines as a cardinal rule, in no small measure due to blueprints laid down by early originators. Every once in a while a band like Immolation, Demilich or Atrocity would break … Continue reading

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Sammath – Godless Arrogance (2014)

Sammath sidestep the distracting glamours that have come to represent black metal in popular consciousness, instead staring down the listener with an unremittingly caustic visage and daring him to turn face. The process that started on Dodengang is now complete … Continue reading

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