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Why Iron Maiden are the greatest heavy metal band: Part I

Endurance is noble and consistency is laudable but real greatness is fleeting. Everyone acknowledges the mystique associated with bands that burst onto the scene with unspeakable talent only to implode for various reasons, to disappear forever, or worse, to stay … Continue reading

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Morbid Angel: Prophets from the dark side

The most important death metal band, Morbid Angel, is also perhaps the most poignant lyrically. Metal fans often give short shrift to this aspect of the music, most times for good reason too. But Morbid Angel‘s words, at least in … Continue reading

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Demonic Resurrection – The Demon King (2014)

Demonic Resurrection make extreme metal – if you choose to call it so – an acceptable, wholesome form of Sunday entertainment for the entire family. Slickly packaged and produced, and competently played, it is remarkable just how few buttons this … Continue reading

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Kryptos – Coils Of Apollyon (2012)

Coils Of Apollyon is perhaps the first Kryptos album to communicate an urgent need to thrill while maintaining a semi-balanced state of structure on a micro and a holistic album-wide scale. Gone is much of the meandering songwriting that plagued … Continue reading

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Ildjarn – Hardangervidda Part I (2002)

“Hardangervidda is a mountain plateau (“vidde” in Norwegian) in central southern Norway, covering parts of the counties of Buskerud, Hordaland and Telemark. It is the largest plateau of its kind in Europe, with a cold year-round alpine climate, and one … Continue reading

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Diocletian – Gesundrian (2014)

Much of the war metal of the last ten years has sacrificed musicality and memorability in its seemingly unappeasable quest for extremity. Diocletian‘s third album Gesundrian foams at the mouth with glee, making all the right sounds and gestures, but … Continue reading

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