Agathocles/Nauseate Split (2014)

NitroPunk writes about the fresh Agathocles/Nauseate split CD

agathocles nauseate

In Grind We Crust

This is a strong split CD between Indian grindcore flag bearers Nauseate and highly revered mince scene legends Agathocles from Belgium.

Both bands subscribe to similar schools of thought in terms of production and general concept, puking out their raw, minimalistic and rather blatant commentary on everything that is wrong with so called civilized society.

Agathocles have adopted a crusty, statically-charged sound on this split as opposed to their usually muddy production. The song writing is slightly more diverse with greater emphasis on traditional punk structures this time instead of the rabid grindcore of their early years, something to be expected given that they have been around for almost three decades now. Anyone familiar with their past releases (easily more than 100) knows exactly what to expect and very rarely do they deviate from that. Most songs revolve around a standard, condensed structure and are thoroughly enjoyable, demanding repeat listens.

Nauseate derives its sound from bands such as Archagathus, Lt Dan, and Agathocles themselves, among various other abrasive sounding, politically left-leaning bands, and crafting it in their own image, only muddier and heavier. The fuzzy bass blends well with the overall guitar pillage and also brings in a slight goregrind edge to their song writing; natural enough considering the band members’ fondness for that style of grind. The drum work is fairly simple but relentless, filled with precisely-executed, tastefully-placed blastbeats. Most songs are under a minute long which is a common trait in this genre. Overall, Nauseate is just about as straight forward it can get, and it doesn’t really warrant detailed thought.

The Nauseate side of the split is mixed in at a significantly lower volume, but this is nothing that cannot be fixed with a simple tweak of the knobs. Recommended to avid followers of the genre.

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