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Kill your idols, rape their dogs

Common belief holds that an artist has to necessarily invest a lot of himself in his art for it to acquire true meaning and depth. Good art, as much as it may seem to be motivated by an otherworldly genius … Continue reading

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The strange case of Cannibal Corpse: Part 2

….what tends to get lost amidst the occasional haranguing against the band is that Cannibal Corpse did not change to entertain mass appeal, a statement that holds for the whole of their career. A band certainly of the basest motives, … Continue reading

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The art of writing a metal review

Epicus Moronicus describes the glorious (non) art of writing a heavy metal review, and takes some wicked shots at this blog and others while doing so. The people this article concerns itself with fall under one of three categories: Doers … Continue reading

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The strange case of Cannibal Corpse: Part 1

Amid the rabid following that Cannibal Corpse have cultivated over twenty-five years has also been a faint but persistent sliver of a voice downplaying and even ridiculing their achievements. Washed away variously as derivative, cartoonish, intellectually offensive, anti-human and certainly … Continue reading

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Metal is not an all-inclusive hippie brotherhood

Why is the contemporary, so-called metal fan bent on converting heavy metal into some sort of tree-hugging hippie commune? Contrary to what many like to believe, metal is an inherently conservative form of music. Yes, it has evolved as a … Continue reading

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Rattenfanger – Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum (2012)

Made up of Drudkh members playing death metal, Rattenfanger are the quintessential modern case of all form and no substance. Couched in an obscure, pseudo-mystical aesthetic designed to appeal to the faction within metal listeners that buy into everything “occult”, … Continue reading

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Death Metal from the tombs: Blaspherian and Imprecation

These two American bands comprise the very best in sepulchral death metal in existence today. Both play a style native to the North American continent, owing a large debt of gratitude to the atonal, chromatic forms first put forth by … Continue reading

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