A thought on Indian heavy metal show organizers


What prompts somebody to put together a heavy metal gig on an underground scale? Surely it has to be the love of the musical form and everything it entails above all else – and yes, inherent thought and ideology is paramount – before more worldly considerations like financial bottomlines. And let it be known that that’s not to look down upon people who organize “events” for their calling and their livelihood, those whose sole concern is to generate sufficient revenue to justify staging of said event in the first place. Nobody is naive enough to disregard the crude exchanges that our world functions by but we as metal listeners consciously, and constantly, attempt to elevate ourselves above such banalities, pledging allegiance to an entirely separate, even exalted set of ideals. What then forces organizers to compromise on their values, if there ever were any to begin with, and pander to mass opinion, all in the hope of luring in that extra clientele and recovering investment? And what in turn does that say of the organizer as individual and human being, someone whose preceding opinions and beliefs are rendered null and void as soon as they enter into more materialistic conflicts? For these aren’t just casual bystanders along for the ride; many have been integral crusaders against the rot setting in against heavy metal for years, denouncing pretenders and posers all in the way of asserting their true credentials and dedication to the music. Sadly, convictions seem as disposable as pious proclamations as soon as these cretins have to deal with the unpleasant truths of commerce. Mellowing with age and discovery of altruistic spirituality are apparently good tempering agents against the impetuosity of youth.

What coerces the human psyche into non confrontational stances? Looking out for personal benefits? A reluctance to be the offending party and by conjunction underestimating the scrutinized specimen’s ability to appreciate honest appraisal? Shouldn’t the latter be preferred to blind platitudes by any reasonably functioning intellect? How hard can it be to call a spade a spade without worrying about such superfluities? And if the need to appease and put on a charitable, all-benevolent face be so great then why for the fucking love of God mess around with something that spits on everything you are about today, something you have held up to be sacrosanct and unimpeachable all this time?






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