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Incoherent songs and Plague Throat

As trite a cliche as it may be, the journey is usually infinitely more rewarding than the destination itself. Can one hope but to fumble through the present and the subsequent future if one doesn’t revisit and dwell upon the … Continue reading

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Into Oblivion – Creation Of A Monolith (2010)

Creation Of A Monolith, Canadian band Into Oblivion‘s sophomore album, is every bit as imposing as its title suggests. Progressive in ways that escape conventional expectations, usually restricted to overt technicality and unseemly fusion, this album evolves over its mammoth … Continue reading

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A thought on Indian heavy metal show organizers

What prompts somebody to put together a heavy metal gig on an underground scale? Surely it has to be the love of the musical form and everything it entails above all else – and yes, inherent thought and ideology is … Continue reading

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