Insane Prophecy – Apogee To An Inquisition Review (2012)

insane prophecy

Insane Prophecy – Apogee To An Inquisition

Coming from the idyllic setting of Assam in the Indian north east, renowned for its rolling tea plantations and separatist movements, Insane Prophecy surprise the listener with some of the tightest, more aesthetically precise and spirited death metal in the scene today. Occasional use of blackened melody and thrashing vibes add variety but Apogee To An Inquisition is undeniably allied to similar under-the-radar American acts like Rellik and Annunaki in the way they use softer tones to embellish what is primarily a war-like approach to the music. This short EP, consisting of 3 songs and a frankly unnecessary instrumental, is remarkably self-aware, and self-contained, setting up the band’s MO for the future in no uncertain terms.

Unlike a few other instrumentally talented Indian bands that veer into parody due to faulty notions of what constitutes metal, Insane Prophecy show that sometimes less is indeed more, never losing sight of the all-important fact that a death metal band does not have to sound like Slipknot to gain appreciation. These are inherently caustic songs and not just a random assortment of riffs, composed with attention paid to bridges and other minutiae. Layered vocals that sound like a hybrid of Mille Petrozza and Glen Benton infiltrate a sound that is, at times, appropriately reminiscent of their respective bands. Solos are given a wide berth, with guitars favouring the occasional atmospheric role in the background. Lingering sequences of tremolo-picked notes introduce a pensive, fork-in-the-road effect which the band uses to launch new excursions or reestablish founding themes, while wisely eschewing self-indulgent procrastination at all times. Urgent and reasonably schooled in the essentials, this EP is well worth a listen for those interested in Indian metal.

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