Gutslit – Skewered In The Sewer Review


Gutslit‘s brand of groove-oriented brutal death metal is at its most potent when they forget they’re supposed to bring the big slams. Like most music of this ilk, the riff is the focal point here, subject to multiple iterations that shape the structure of the song; each pattern is arranged to repeat itself like clockwork, then disposed of forever as the band moves on to the next motif. As such, songs display little evolution in theme; these aren’t story-telling devices as much as hard ball-peen strikes to the head, gratuitous in intent and execution. To the band’s credit, the music is played competently enough but Skewered In The Sewer‘s niche is one that could’ve benefited from an even louder production; the violence intimate to this genre is somewhat compromised by an oddly muffled sound that doesn’t quite emphasize the tonal aggression of the music.

There is a palpable rap-like rhythm to this sort of heavy music, especially in its approach to slower passages. Like a lot of rap, these parts are designed with mass acceptance in mind, catering to the least common denominator in metal audience intelligence. It serves to note that all-time great death metal breakdowns – derived from an acute study of traditional hardcore – on songs like Suffocation‘s ‘Liege Of Inveracity’ and Cryptopsy‘s ‘Crown Of Horns’ never outstayed their welcome, dipping into a ferociously individualistic change of tempo for just a moment before returning to the main thread of thought. Gutslit, however, don’t exercise enough control over the composition of these sections in terms of phrasing and duration, allowing muscle memory and an unflexing mindset to supercede their actual relevance to the greater context of the song.

Suited to the percussive nature of the music, faster riffs show admirable right-hand dexterity, favouring thrash-based downward strums that keep step with the programmed beat underneath. One senses the bass has more to do than is evident, its fevered writhing rendered virtually silent by the loud guitars and drums. In much the same manner, Gutslit do a lot of things right without truly asserting themselves as a force of nature; taken apart and recalibrated at a micro-level, there is a real chance that this collection of songs could amount to something more than an also-ran. Unfortunately, at the moment, that is all the band has to hang their coats on.

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12 Responses to Gutslit – Skewered In The Sewer Review

  1. gk says:

    i like these guys. You’re right about the bass. The recording does it no favours. They sound a lot more real live than they do on the album though and put on one hell of a show.

    • hmm my live experience was quite the opposite of yours. Just felt like an interminable sequence of slams and squeals. They seem a bit more intense on the album but man do I hate those slams. I didn’t put it in the write up but how are those pieces different from any nu metal band from 15 years ago? Same idea, same intention, just dressed up to appeal to..the same crowd, basically.

  2. Aditya Mehta says:

    Want to bet the buntais will take this as a positive review? Also, the vocalist sings like he’s waving back to them.

    • What I find strange is how this kind of stuff gets labelled death/GRIND. There is positively no grind here, this sure isn’t Harmony Corruption.

      • Swastika says:

        That’s Kunal Choksi’s latest hobby. All the bands that get signed to his pointless label Transcending Obscurity have to lie about the kind of metal they play to get more kids to listen to them. LOL Brutal Sardar who doesn’t know what kind of music his band plays. KC even told Sceptre to go right back to calling themselves thrash 😛

  3. Aditya Mehta says:

    Oh, I can tell you how and why. Somebody obviously told them to remove ‘slam’ from their description to keep the purists happy.

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  5. Pranaw Chhetri says:

    makes sense !

  6. charlieandthecocklatefactory says:

    hahahahahahahahaha gutshit can suck it.. fakers who play rock n roll at home and to their girlfriends but claim to play brutal slam hahahaha.. they are generic slam.. boring compositions with a little bit on bass thats it.. that too its totally rock influenced playing.. the styles and everything.. the rest of the band is really boring .. i tried but couldnt last 3 songs.. never seen them.. probably never will..

  7. songs29 says:

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