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Insane Prophecy – Apogee To An Inquisition Review (2012)

Insane Prophecy – Apogee To An Inquisition Coming from the idyllic setting of Assam in the Indian north east, renowned for its rolling tea plantations and separatist movements, Insane Prophecy surprise the listener with some of the tightest, more aesthetically … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Unanimated – In The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead

A Swedish contemporary of melodically nuanced bands like Dissection and Sacramentum, Unanimated‘s atmospheric blend of death/black metal presented newer avenues of accessibility within the underground paradigm without losing touch with the driving impulse integral to the music. Boasting its fair … Continue reading

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Retrospective on Lymphatic Phlegm: Goregrind as art

Lymphatic Phlegm‘s debut is one of the more unique albums to have come out of this fetid style, posing a study in contrasts between the pummeling, terrorizing rhythms of traditional goregrind, and a  sense of structure and melody borrowed directly … Continue reading

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The state of grindcore in India

  One of the side effects of the You Tube era is a bypassing of the natural evolution of the music fan. The suggestions side panel, as useful a device as it can be in judicious hands, has also helped … Continue reading

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Gutslit – Skewered In The Sewer Review

Gutslit‘s brand of groove-oriented brutal death metal is at its most potent when they forget they’re supposed to bring the big slams. Like most music of this ilk, the riff is the focal point here, subject to multiple iterations that … Continue reading

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