Multinational Corporations – Jamat -al-Maut Review (2014)


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This duo from Pakistan straddle the nerve running through various punk and metal derivatives, creating a combustible yet highly structured mix in the process. It would be facile, and disingenuous, to suggest that the often volatile state of affairs in their homeland is the sole catalyst behind the angst evident on this EP; neutral observers are generally too far removed from ground zero to make accurate, unbiased commentary on underlying motives. But as available document of the band’s intent and ideology, Jamat-al-Maut is a reasonably solid opening salvo, taking stance against the numbing thoughtlessness that permeates every living cell of the modern social organism.

Jamat-al-Maut is very much a tale in two parts. These eight songs are not afraid of striking out into diverse fields within their chosen paradigm, seeking to carve out a distinct identity for themselves. The intrepid nature comes at the cost of a certain vitality, missing especially in the tail end of this recording. The handover is stark; from the Disrupt-flavoured grindcore/crust of the first half to a more blatant turn towards hardcore and occasional powerviolence, couched in an overall metal aesthetic not unlike Discharge‘s debut full-length, Multinational Corporations run the gamut but seem reluctant to fully commit to the unhinged ideal they hint at through the EP, regularly interrupting faster sections with breakdowns. Well-versed with the arts of groove, placement, and duration as these parts are, they find home in nearly every song here, compromising the otherwise caustic quality of the music.

Multinational Corporations are obviously studied in this niche of the music universe but are just a little distracted, and as a direct consequence, restrained, on this short EP. Adept at virtually everything under the punk umbrella and then some (see ‘Penniless Pride’), it remains to be seen if the band can consolidate their myriad fetishes into a more holistic presentation in the future.

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1 Response to Multinational Corporations – Jamat -al-Maut Review (2014)

  1. Very good review, on-point with the critique as well. Some of the things you said have been running through my mind as well. Cheers, well wishes for the future.

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