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Retrospective: Beheaded – Perpetual Mockery (1998)

Beheaded from little Malta went on to become one of the bigger brutal death metal bands of the 00s but their debut Perpetual Mockery was a somewhat different animal from the relatively orthodox Suffocation-leanings they adopted later on. Perpetual Mockery … Continue reading

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Sinister Realm – World Of Evil (2013)

The beauty of so much traditional heavy metal lies in the simplicity of its chord progressions, a vast chunk of which are shared by bands across the genre. Utterly predictable to seasoned ears yet capable of being emphatic punctuation in … Continue reading

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Dying Embrace – Era Of Tribulation (2012)

Doom is a particularly peculiar branch of the heavy metal tree. Most metal strives towards an empowerment of the individual, and an emancipation of bonds, imposed and self-wrought. Metal is an inner liberation that spreads to the extremities and beyond, … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Rune – The End Of Nothing (2003)

Why does one pull at a scab? Why does the restless tongue probe the throbbing cavity? Why does the mind will a strained ligament to move beyond its tolerated range of motion? What demons prompt us to revisit particularly painful … Continue reading

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Obliteration – Black Death Horizon (2013)

There is a tangible aspect of psychological devolution to this music. Obliteration, especially in the sections where they slow down, make poignant use of string bends, lingering harmonics, and jarring dissonance to induce a feeling of mental disintegration in the … Continue reading

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Death Metal: American, Scandinavian, and Slaughterday’s Nightmare Vortex

The difference between American and European death metal can be attributed, using a conveniently broad brush, to their individual approaches to song composition, and, more specifically, in the way individual components are constructed and arranged in the greater framework of … Continue reading

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Retrospective: Bolt thrower – IVth Crusade

(Editor’s note: This is a guest post by a kindred soul. He goes by the pseudonym Epicus Moronicus ) Cognitive dissonance is a thing that often causes great concern in people’s everyday life. When the brain is forced to deal … Continue reading

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Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night (2013)

This duo from Columbus, Ohio bring a nimble, complicated twist to the black/death style of extreme metal. On first appearances, little more than a homage to the same old Incantation-derived school of basement death, this has far more in common … Continue reading

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