Dr. Butcher/Hydropneumothorax/Festered Wound 3-Way Review (2013)

Here is a surprisingly diverse collection of goregrind ditties put together by Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions, a testament to what misfits worldwide can get up to in between frequent sessions of self-help. Two one-man projects from either side of the Atlantic in Dr. Butcher and Hydropneumothorax, and an eight-song assault by Bangalore chopping crew, Festered Wound, to while away those lonely evenings.

Dr. Butcher from Arkansas kick things off with their (his?) fuzzed-out take on death and gore being the slowest of the three, relatively speaking of course, using conventional death metal and doom elements liberally in the midst of spastic blasting. Vocals are gurgles held way down in a mix that at first appears too lo-fi even for goregrind but eventually ends up lending the grind a charmingly  grainy, backwoods brutality vibe not dissimilar to what a band like Embalmer once so effectively wrought.

Ireland’s Hydropneumothorax then proceeds to belch out five quick-fire bursts of riff-based grindgore with vocals that imitate Bill Hicks’ Satan impersonation quite beautifully. ‘Obscene Surgical Obsessions’ and others frequently have bits that remind me of Slayer; Hydropneumothorax‘s genre affiliations belie a heavy metal sensibility that meshes well with the general grind. The garbage can drum sound does nothing to detract from Hydropneumothorax‘s grooving, mosh-friendly brand of goregrind.

On to Festered Wound then, flag-bearers of all things nasty in the Indian underground. The guys play the darkest and most authentic goregrind on this split, heavily influenced by old Last Days Of Humanity. As is the case with the other two projects, this is noise with a basis in one or two discernible riffs that quickly dissolve away into blasts of sonic violence. Drums are programmed to meet the bare essentials, the vocals processed to all hell. The songs are recorded at noticeably lower decibels than the rest of the CD, so one is advised to turn up the knob to enjoy a complete and wholesome experience.  Festered Wound play archetypal goregrind and are the single heaviest thing to have come out of India. Put on a heck of a live show too.

Fun split this; intros are generally entertaining and not too long. The noise is more than just that, shows a little identity and a little thought. Fans of the style should have a good time.

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