Festered Wound – Bizarre Ecstasy Attained During Orgasmic Abortion (2013)

Festered Wound is the latest gob of sputum from the genitals of Bangalore’s incestuous grindcore scene. It is a small scene; bands share members across the board and have been doing so for the better part of their existence – more an indictment of the until-recently non-existent extreme metal scene in the country – but the one thing that has stayed honest for that entire duration is the little community’s devotion to the noisier, kinkier arts of  grind and gore. I haven’t always enjoyed the output from this prolific bunch of delinquents – Headsplash and Semen Commando don’t cut it for me – but with Festered Wound, Messrs. Charlie, Cliffy, and Abhishek have delivered the most potent goregrind this country has seen since Gruesome Malady’s ‘Infected With Virulent Seed’ and Gorified’s ‘Ruptured In Seconds’.

Festered Wound consist of Charlie (Gorified and others) on vocals, Cliffy (Anorectal Ulceration) on guitars and Abhishek “Maggot” on guitars and bass. This is goregrind in its purest form – nasty intros detailing surgical procedures and sexual peccadilloes, short song lengths, splattery, processed vocals, and razor sharp riffs dicing and slicing their way through all inhibition. Most importantly, there is a real sense of aggression and danger to these riffs, revisiting what bands like Dead Infection, Last Days Of Humanity, Neuro Visceral Exhumation, early Mexigorge  and Mortician once stood for. Far too many bands have been culpable of reducing grind to a caricature through overt use of humour and juvenile dicking around. And I concede that there is a place and time for such frothy, light-hearted entertainment, but real, bone shattering, tendon-masticating goregrind has to be violent, above all. It has to cultivate a feeling of unease and disgust, not give way to amused chuckles.

The riff work here is honest-to-God grinding goodness, layer over layer of unbridled power chord fury that washes over the listener in a cataract of depravity. The guitar tone is serrated, an aural analogue of a hot knife winding through butter, complimented with blasting, programmed drums. I subscribe to the school of thought that goregrind deserves, even begs for, inhuman, mechanical-sounding programmed drums. The genre has long since escaped the constraints of heavy metal and is a beast all its own; supersonic drums just feel like home.

The EP is out on Neurotic Anger Productions and is well worth checking out for fans of the style.

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