Devoid – Invasion EP (2013)

This is a guest post by ADITYA MEHTA (Mehta Kya Kehta)

Being hailed as the most promising thrash metal band out of Mumbai’s pitiable underground music scene which didn’t (and still doesn’t) have any other thrash band obviously didn’t encourage Devoid to push the subgenre further. After ‘A God’s Lie’ – a debut that made a mark perhaps only because it was and still remains the only thrash metal album to come out of Mumbai, Devoid has released an EP titled The Invasion, and going by the promos I was half expecting to find Darth Vader in the artwork.

The 5-track EP is, going by the guitar tone and the production, a step into the thrashcore bog.

The clean notes of the opener don’t make for an intro grandiose enough, but the listener is in the mood for a massive thrash attack, only to be scratched by the sterile guitar tone. The excitement can be had from the programmed drums (well, they don’t sound real), but they’re way louder than the thin guitar tone, and all over the place. The vocals, aggressive throughout, move back and forth irregularly between being nasty thrash screaming and the ‘core’ style. The songs would have had some staying power had they been stretched a little, and that would have made the band sound more in control without the music losing its conciseness.

The riffing is effective but produces no memorable results, and Devoid could very well have been the thrash/death monster is was originally meant to be, but such is the lure of a wider fanbase and college-event-headlining gigs that come with being a metalcore/deathcore band in these times.

If you’re looking for doses of thrash metal from India this year, turn to Mortar and Chaos.

RATING: 2.5/5

[Aditya Mehta drinks more alcohol than he can digest and then pukes it out on his website Mehta Kya Kehta.]

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6 Responses to Devoid – Invasion EP (2013)

  1. Anurag says:

    +1 for Mortar. Mumbai does have another thrash metal band in Sceptre (who released their latest [so-so] album last month), but that’s wholly debatable.

  2. Tj says:


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